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Hot Melt Adhesives

Supplied in three popular formats; pellet, 12mm glue stick and 43mm slug, Trillium hot melt adhesives are suitable for bonding anything from paper and board to plastics, foams and even expanded polystyrene.

Grade Description Viscosity (cps)Softening Point ('C) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tribond 1149 Fast setting, low melt, white packaging hot melt in pellet form. 1000@140'C110
Tribond 1150 Fast setting, white packaging grade in pellet form. 1250@160'C110
Tribond 1193 Clear 12mm general purpose glue stick. 9500@180'C86
Tribond 1197 12mm glue stick for corrugated cases. Fast setting. Colour; tan
Tribond 1198 Fast setting case sealing grade in 43mm slug form. Colour; tan

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