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Packaging Adhesives

Trillium have developed an extensive range of adhesives to cover all aspects of case and carton manufacture. Recognising the need for carton and case adhesives to work on a wide variety of substrates and application equipment is only the start in understanding the needs of this industry.

Keeping track of market trends, machine  and applicator developments as well as customer end use requirements, means we are constantly adding to or improving our range of Tribond adhesives.

Our current Tribond range of water based and hot melt adhesives cover the following areas;

  • straight line or in-line gluing
  • four corner gluing
  • Mulit-point or pattern application
  • crashlock
  • window patch
  • microwave including susceptor patch bonding
  • trays
  • carton and case sealing
If you cannot find what you are searching for in the list below, please bear in mind that we also offer a bespoke develoment service. Just get in touch using the enquiry form.
Grade Description Viscosity (cps)Solid Content (%)Application MethodSoftening Point ('C) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tribond 1010 Versatile adhesive for carton side seam 350061wheel /rollern/a
Tribond 1011 Versatile adhesive for pen type applicators. 160058Pen/ extrusionn/a
Tribond 1012 Low viscosity side seam adhesive. Designed for Moll folder gluers. 15049Fine nozzlen/a
Tribond 1020 Versatile grade for in-line gluing. 60053Fine nozzle / Jetn/a
Tribond 1021M Window patch adhesive with excellent low temperature adhesion. 140056Stereo Rollern/a
Tribond 1043 Carton side seam for difficult surfaces 350060Wheeln/a
Tribond 1061 Carton side seam with long pot life and easy clean properties. 225062Wheeln/a
Tribond 1070 Extremely fast setting, white adhesive. Suitable for hand gluing applications. 450062Hand gluingn/a
Tribond 1082 Fast setting PVAc for corrugated side seam. 200050Extrusion / wheeln/a
Tribond 1093 Fast setting adhesive for pattern or in-line gluing 80053Fine nozzlen/a
Tribond 1119 Fast setting adhesive with excellent heat resistance. 340057Wheel / rollern/a
Tribond 1130 Fast setting adhesive with very good heat resistance. Suitable for bonding microwave susceptor patches. 150053Extrusion / stereo rollern/a
Tribond 1142 Adhesive for fine nozzle applicators where adhesion to difficult surfaces is required. 75055Fine nozzlen/a
Tribond 1149 Case and Carton sealing grade. Fast setting . 1700@120'Cn/aNozzle / jet110
Tribond 1155 Case and carton sealing adhesive. Clean running and fast speed of set. 1000@160'cn/aNozzle / jet115
Tribond 1192 Cost effective, fast setting, high tack PVAc for corrugated side seam. 200044Extrusion / Wheeln/a
Tribond 1193 12mm clear glue stick with medium setting speed. 9500@180'Cn/aGlue gun86
Tribond 1194 Clean running adhesive for high speed carton applicatiions. 40048Fine nozzlen/a
Tribond 1307 High viscosity PSA for screen printing. Very aggressive tack, long working time and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates, including rubber, vinyl, plastics etc. 2000060Screen Printn/a

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