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Cold Seal & Heat Seal Adhesives

As a market leader in the manufacture of cold seal adhesives for industrial packaging, Trillium continue to invest in this technically demanding market.

Our product range has grown to reflect the diversity of end uses for cold seal coated materials and now includes cold seal adhesive grades for use on PE films.

To complement our cold seal adhesive range, we have also developed an effective range of heat seal products for paper, foil and film substrates.

Please see our product selector below for details.

Grade Description Viscosity (cps)Solid content (%) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tribond 1076 Low viscosity grade for light weight packaging. Fast seal properties and good cohesion 40056
Tribond 1108 Higher viscosity grade for use on more porous substrates. Fast Grab. 160054
Tribond 1134 Heat seal adhesive for paper and board. Good high temperature resistance. 200047
Tribond 1138T Low viscosity, softer cold seal for use on imitation kraft. Fast seal with lower adhesion. 50060
Tribond 1153 Heat seal adhesive for blister packs. 40050
Tribond 1218 High grab product for use on porous papers, such as imitation kraft. CallCall
Tribond 1257 Cold seal adhesive for PE film. Used in conjunction with a release coating such as Tricote 1022. CallCall
Tribond 1258 Very sticky, high grab cold seal for paper and board. Used in conjunction with Tricote 1169 CallCall
Tribond 1277 Heat seal adhesive for plastics and films. Low initial activation temperature. 80049

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