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Paper Coatings

Our Tricote range of paper coating products offer excellent value alongside superb performance.

From decorative coatings to barrier products our Tricote range has been developed to meet the demands of the paper coating industry.

A selection of our available products are listed below. If you cannot find the product you are looking for, please enquire.

Grade Description Viscosity (cps) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tricote 1031 High gloss paper coating, suitable for mixing with colour, pigments and glitter. 800
Tricote 1169 Low viscosity, water based, wax coating for paper and board. Food contact approvals. 150
Tricote 1172 Wax based release coating for paper. Suitable for use as a release agent for natural rubber cold seal adhesive. 150
Tricote 1203 Water and grease resistant barrier coat for paper and board. 500
Tricote 1251 High gloss paper coating with silverwhite pearlescent pigment. 4500
Tricote 1252 High gloss paper coating with royal gold pearlescent pigment. 4500
Tricote 1255 Water resistant paper coating with some food contact acceptance. 600

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