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Filter Manufacturing Adhesives

Our range of Tribond filter manufacturing adhesives has been developed in close conjunction with our customers to meet their very specific requirements.

The range includes neutral pH grades for safe bonding of wire and harder adhesive grades for stiffer panels.

Grade Description Viscosity (cps)Solid content (%) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tribond 1052 Neutral pH, medium viscosity adhesive for filter panel construction. 160053
Tribond 1119 Versatile adhesive for bonding cardboard filter panels. Good heat resistance. 340057
Tribond 1186HV High viscosity adhesive for filter panel construction. Dries to a white finish. Suitable for very porous board. 750055
Tribond 1189MH High viscosity adhesive with aggressive tack and hard finish. 400040
Tribond 1193 12mm hot melt glue stick. Clear and medium setting speed, this grade is suitable for bonding to metal frames. 9500@180'Cn/a
Tribond 1284 Poly vinyl alcohol solution for the manufacture of carbon filter panel biscuits.. 7009

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