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Paper Converting Adhesives

The Tribond range of paper converting adhesives has been carefully developed to deliver the best performance and quality, whilst being cost effective.

Our paper adhesive products cover the following markets;

  • Industrial tube and core winding
  • Composite can winding and labelling
  • Laminating
  • Bag and sack manufacture
  • Envelopes and direct mail
  • Box and file covering
  • Shade card manufacture
  • Padding applications
A selection of our product range is detailed below, please contact us for further information.
Grade Description Viscosity (cps)Solid content (%) Technical
Data Sheet
Material Safety
Data Sheet
Tribond 1014 Very flexible, high viscosity padding glue. Suitable for post card set. 700060
Tribond 1016 General purpose padding glue. Good for NCR sets. 240055
Tribond 1079 Remoist adhesive for direct mail and envelopes. 110064
Tribond 1124 Long open time, high solids paper and board laminating adhesive 210058
Tribond 1171 Medium viscosity core winding adhesive, with a hard dry film for more ridged cores. 350029
Tribond 1179 Long open time laminating adhesive with excellent lay flat properties. 250054
Tribond 1189 Low cost grade for paper lamination and industrial core winding. 250035
Tribond 1204 Low cost paper and board laminating adhesive. 200040
Tribond 1220 Composite can labelling adhesive. Suitable for spiral and convolute labelling 220042
Tribond 1221 Clean running envelope side seam and window patch grade. 60064
Tribond 1224 Extremely long open time adhesive for box labelling / mounting. This is a re-positionable product, with easy clean properties and excellent adhesion. 100069
Tribond 1228 High viscosity composite can labelling adhesive for more difficult substrates. 1000060

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